How much does it cost?

Mugshot removal only $99.
Total Online Privacy only $199, includes removal of your public records from various sites and networks.

How does the removal process work?
  1. You place an order with PrivacyOnline.org
  2. Provide your full information
  3. Upload supporting documentation (such as photo ID, case sealed documents, expungement information, etc...)
  4. Provide a top list of URLs you'd like us to approach for removal
  5. We process your information and start requesting removals
  6. This process takes anywhere from 24 hours to 60 days, depending on the websites
Will the image and link be gone from Google AND other search engines?

Yes. Your mugshot photo and link will be deleted from Google as well as other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Google may delete the image and link within 24 hours after the original mugshot URL has been removed. However it will take longer for the link to be removed from Yahoo and Bing.

Do you remove mugshots from ALL websites listed on Google?

No. We cannot guarantee removal from some websites. But we will do our best to get your information out of most of the websites.

What if I am on a different websites?

Some of our clients may be listed on multiple mugshot websites. In order to remove a mugshot from most of these sites we recommend that you provide your photo ID and case dismissal documentation.

How do you ensure the photo will not come back?

Once we delete your record, it is gone forever unless you are arrested again after the removal or another arrest case is added to the mugshot websites.

What if I have multiple arrest records?

Not a problem, at the moment of your order please make sure to provide all URLs, and once uploading the documents, provide supporting documents for each case separately, so we can proceed with the removals.

Is the removal guaranteed?

In most cases Yes! Unless the website where its listed is not functional or does not respond.

How do I pay the removal fees?
  1. Search your name and find your record
  2. Complete the form with your details on the checkout page
  3. Select the package
  4. Make the payment through Clickbank secure processing